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Who We Are


NVServ began in 1999 as a small hosting company wanting to give clients a more one on one, personalized approach to web hosting.


Our previous experience with hosting companies had shown us that in many ways, the industry was populated by people who looked upon clients as moneymakers, and not as people, with real feelings, issues and concerns.  To be fair, when a company has hundreds of clients on its roster, it's difficult to get to know clients as people.  Websites and names begin to run together, and one has a difficult time remembering which person goes with a particular website.


This also means that with hundreds of clients, things don't have to be as client-friendly.  If one client leaves due to dissatisfaction, there's always another to fill their place.  Large companies tend to be slowest to accept change.  This leads to stagnation in the industry, which doesn't do you, the client, any good.


We wanted to be able to know a client's name when they contacted us, rather than using the ubiquitous and impersonal "sir" or "ma'am" when they called.  That requires us to remain small.  Rather than hosting hundreds of web sites, we host a few dozen.


We offer customizable web hosting plans in addition to our preconfigured web hosting plans, and will work with you if your site needs special features and/or attention.





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